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Probiotic - a gut flora / enhancer , supporting good gut health, probiotic of 20 billion strength. Good live gut bacteria / flora is essential for overall good health, and to help avoid many temperament, performance or behavioural problems. This product is even more efficient when fed with a clean natural diet.  (See articles on  herb pages of this website.) It is essential a horses digestive system is a clean system, is not overloaded and fed according to work done, age, condition and type of horse. 

These probiotics not only provide improved gut flora but the consequences of a cleaner horse and improved blood quality have seen many other consequential advantages.

1kg provides a supply for one horse for approximately 28 days, a powder added to feed in resealable pack / tub. Please ensure correct postage is paid for weight of package i.e sizes 3kg or 5kg are £9.75.

Probiotic - Radiance Gold

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