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2)- Liver Fluke. The Myth and the Facts

Ellen Collinson Equine Iridologist and Herbalist

The Myth. That horses can not and do not get Liver fluke.
The Myth. That if horses do get Liver fluke it will not adversely affect them

The Fact. Horses can and do get Liver fluke.
The Fact. Contrary to some opinions it can and does effect them.

Horses are not natural hosts to the liver fluke, however the following article makes interesting reading and is quoted with the permission of the Federation Nationale du Cheval and Reseau d’epidemio-surveillance en Pathologie Equine. from the book ‘Bonnes Pratiques Sanitaires. (Literally translated as Practical health care.) There are 32 Veterinary surgeons and Professional researchers involved in this organisation.

“Liver fluke principally affects the small ruminants and cattle but can on occasions infect horses. The cycle of development necessitates an intermediate host, it is a small snail that lives along the side of streams, or in marshland.

The horse is a ‘cul de sac’ for this infection, meaning that the cycle of development cannot be completed. The elimination of eggs in the faeces is an exception. This does not however inhibit the parasite to cause lesions in the liver, which causes in the host, diarrhoea and a general poorer physical state, in other words poorer health”.

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