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Herbs are a natural product.   They are gentle yet potent, powerful and effective.

Horses are herbivores. Their natural environment would provide natural foliage to graze and pick at to maintain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, which they select by instinct. Those plants containing the essential nutrients a horse or pony requires. Seasonal plants and herbs from pasture and hedgerows provide them with both nutritional and health benefitting support, to supplement their diets, providing they are available. When we remove the horse from its natural habitat, we remove the availability in their diet of those varieties of grasses, plants and herbs. Those same varieties of grasses, plants and herbs are also often absent from their pasture or modern hedgerows, due to overgrazing and chemical sprays, meaning essential nutrients are missing from the diet to maintain a healthy natural balance.
 We can assist by feeding natural food and herbs with the natural properties and constituents that will support the horses good health, happiness, vitality and performance, whether hacking or top level competition horse.

Herbs will aid the body to good health and help to maintain it. The best way to feed herbs is fresh, available for a large part of the year spring to late autumn. Dried herbs are an excellent more convenient alternative. The correct herbs used with a knowledge of the correct combinations, is where our products do the job for you, making your life much easier. Herbs help the body holistically. There are certain herbs for specific jobs but many herbs do more than one job. If the correct part of the plant is used and not diluted with 'fillers' the effects are more efficient.

Horses instinctively know what they need if left to forage for themselves if it is available. If the correct part of the plant is used and not diluted with “fillers”, the effects are more efficient.  The herbs have little or no side effects.
 Ellen Collinson founded these highly effective herbal formulas over 30 years ago and have been proven so successful over the years. They are unique, 100% pure (no fillers) and 100% herbal, with no prohibited herbs,- making them safe yet extremely powerful, even for horses/ponies competing under rules. Formulated to work as quickly as possible and effectively with less possible cause of side effects or over loading the organs in the body, avoiding toxicity. Ellen Collinson has studied, researched and practiced both human and equine Iridology and herbalism for over 30 years leading the more recent revival of equine iridology in Europe. Anyone interested in learning an insight into either iridology or herbs, see Ellen’s books available listed in the products on the website or email

 For further details contact :  Sue Platts +44 (0)7724194516  
Or email :


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