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Online eye assessment


If you are having any ongoing problems with your horse/pony, or if you would just be interested in their general health and inherited or genetic strengths and or weaknesses and you do not live near to a qualified equine iridologist you can send me photographs of their eyes for an online assessment.

Online assessments available at cost of £65.00. I do not charge the fee until I have received pictures which are good enough quality to be able to do an accurate analysis. To do so would not be fair on you or your horse. Please send 4 good photographs of each eye,  (left and right) a magnified photo of eye, and not a photo of the side of the head with eye on it. Please send on email as an attatchment to  

Useful tips for taking pictures - using a mobile phone camera or preferably use a proper camera as some mobile phone cameras will not zoom in sufficiently, without causing blurring. 

Take pictures indoors, in a stable or barn, using a dark'ish corner with little ambient light source to cause reflection, as open doorways, roof lights, windows or bright electric lights create reflection which hide the eye markings we need to see. Pictures taken outside nearly always have too much reflection, (trees, cars, buildings, the camera itself and hands holding it, etc) , preventing a clear view of the iris.

Use a small torch or phone torch if not too bright, focused on the iris as the pictures are being taken, both camera and torch light at 90 degrees to the iris. If the torch is too much from the side, below or above, this creates shadows and again distorts the iris.

You may need an extra pair of hands to help with this.

If over head light is unavoidable, try a palm of hand or holding a light weight book or old hat above the eye at forehead if the animal will tolerate this.

Ensure forelock is placed away from the eyes so as not to distort or hide view of the iris.

Below is an example photograph of what is needed for an iridology analysis.

Please allow 5 to 8 days to get results. Also please put your and your horse's name on PayPal payment and in the e-mail title. Or payment can be made on the online shop. The automated postage charge will be refunded. 

Example of a good photo of an eye:

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