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Iridology is a centuries old scientific study/analysis of patterns and structures in the iris. A fantastic  non invasive and painless method enabling a trained person to recognise root causes of temperament, behavioural, health or performance issues. This is possible due to the optic anthalami connecting with the central nervous system. When the millions of nerves connected to all parts of the body, including internal organs, are affected by life events ( regime, food, disease, trauma, stress, work, accidents, wounds, inherited tendencies or traits, etc etc) the corresponding tissue changes in the body are indicated in the iris via the CNS connection. A map of the iris has corresponding areas, similar in principle to reflexology map. This also applies to other species, humans and dogs as well as donkeys, horses and ponies. Traditionally, only a few decades ago, a visit to the doctor meant he asked to look in your eyes and look at your tongue as both have strong health indicators to a holistically trained person, before training became symptom orientated.

 In the present we can see inherited and congenital strengths and weaknesses, pathological changes to the fibres of the Iris; conditions and inherited weaknesses, site of over activity, irritation, inflammation, degeneration of tissues and organs, acidic and toxic accumulation. The likelihood of conditions / problems manifesting before they develop into more serious cases or diseases. Old injuries, scarring, accidents, traumas, which could trigger future problems can also be seen. The organs we commonly see affected are the liver and kidneys due to modern regime and processed feed. If the liver or kidneys are malfunctioning this hugely affects the function of the other organs and can lead to a huge scenario of issues like indigestion, loss of appetite, or eating well but not gaining weight,, not absorbing nutrients efficiently, diabetes, cholesterol problems, hormone imbalances affecting mares, stallions and breeding and also muscle efficiency / tying up, behavioural problems, mood swings, and many more variations and scenarios.


Iridology is one of the most beneficial and rewarding sciences. How many people do you know that have horses with ongoing behavioural or physical problems that they have tried for weeks, months and sometimes years to find the cause. Well Iridology gives  the opportunity to virtually see inside your horse, and observe the markings and indicators on the 'eye map'.

Iridology is not a new science both Hippocrates and Philostatust used iridology. Records of iris markings were painted onto stone slabs indicating problems in the liver and kidneys, left by the Babylonians in 1000 BC. It was also used by the ancient Chaldeans. Iridology was latterly more scientifically chronicled by Dr. Ignats von Peczeley, a German doctor, late last century.

Iridology is a safe, painless and non-intrusive form of analysis via the study of the iris using magnification. In this way inherited genetic strengths and weakness plus tendencies towards certain organ/system dysfunctions may be ascertained. Many illnesses are simply symptoms of an organ malfunction, iridology can reveal the root cause  so that the right solution is easier and more effective. Professional iridologists agree that acute, sub-acute, chronic and degenerative conditions of the body are all reflected in the iris.

Iridology is now part of the curriculum for many colleges, including the medical schools in Moscow and in the medical department of the University of Paris Nord. Which is probably why the French trainers know immediately what it is that I do when I tell them I am an Equine Iridologist.

Quite simply it allows you to "see" inside the horse to pin point where there is a problem that is the reason behind behavioural problems and physical problems, so many times horses symptoms are misdiagnosed due to lack of information and the fact the horse is unable to tell you where it hurts or what is wrong; with iridology you can see not only where there is a problem, but where there is the likelihood of a problem manifesting or occurring due to either old injuries or inherited weakness.

For iridology in person is £55 + travel expenses ( £5 per horse discount for 3 or more horses on the same yard). Online iridology assessment is £65. For online information and tips on how to get good photographs, please go to the online assessment page.

 Ellens book is available for sale in 'products' section which gives a brief insight in to iridology.

For Iridology course please go to or email :

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