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This combination of herbs is well known for its blood purifying qualities.

 Excellent and valuable in case of accidents or where the horse's immunity is poor/ compromised. Advantageously benefits the immune system.

Also useful as an appetite stimulant and greatly improves digestion. The Sioux native American Indians used these herbs and freshly scraped Echinacea root for injuries and as a successful antidote for snake bites, hydrophobia. It is the root that contains the highly effective properties not the flower. This exceptional plant is then combined with other herbs equally as powerful if not as well known, which is why we have had the excellent results and so many satisfied customers. Very useful to have for emergency situations., A powder added to feed or mixed with water and syringed orally. Use for minimum 6 days, or longer if required. A 250gm tub is for one horse for aproximately 14 days. Often recommended to be fed 7 days, then rest for 7 days and repeat. Advise not to be given longer than 21 consecutive days; only periodically as and when required. 


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