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This product is a blend of seaweeds including kelp and spirulina, to provide a broad spectrum of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. (contains no 'fillers', mixers or additives of any kind.)

Seaweed is an excellent additive for horses and ponies especially those fed a natural diet (as opposed to processed food.) Please see our article on soaked oats on the 'herbs' page of the website. 

There are many benefits to feeding seaweeds, for muscle development, function and oxygen uptake. It naturally contains iodine, essential for optimal function of the thyroid gland. 


CAUTION must be taken not to overfeed as too much is as bad as too little. For maintenance supplement, feed only 2 to 3 times per week. Horses in hard work, sweating more heavily, therefore losing minerals and salts, Seaweeds can be fed daily.  Please realise seaweed is very high in nutrients, is intended to be fed with a natural diet. If you are feeding a processed food, avoid adding seaweed, to avoid over consumption of some nutrients and elements, which can lead to toxication, contra indications and serious health effects if fed in too large amounts.  

A 1kg tub fed at maintenance level of twice per week, lasts one horse approx 8 months. Fed at 3 times per week lasts 5 and a half months approx.

SEAWEEDS incl' kelp and spirulina.

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