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( formerly  named Repair & Builder / Herbal Bute.)  Toxins in the body will impair healing. Due to the natural ageing process, poor conformation, or injuries and accidents, pain and inflammation of tissues, muscles and joints ocurr. The herbs in this product support and help maintain and cleanse the body. Given one small (15ml) scoop (provided) twice daily in dampened feed or mixed with water and syringed orally.


I would highly recommend anyone to use these amazing products which can often help the impossible. 
My lad is a rescue and he had a very heavy red worm burden when I got him which resulted in severe worm damage to his digestive system. Although he gained and maintained his weight it left him with a very bloated gassy tummy and liquid droppings constantly. I tried every feed and supplement imaginable with only temporary relief. My vet said there was very little they could do as what ever they gave him wouldn’t reach that far back in his digestive tract where the treatment was needed. 
I then spoke to Collinson herbs who advised I try him on two different herbal products for two courses. 
I am over the moon to say my lads tummy is less swollen, he is less gassy and we have normal poo! Real shaped poo! Even pellets! I am shocked with how effective these herbs are. 
I can’t thank Collinson herbs enough for helping my boy. 😊 B.Walker Yorkshire Animal     Sept 2018

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