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If you do not live near to a qualified equine Iridologist for a personal visit, then online assessment is an alternative.

Please send preferably 3 or 4 good photographs of each eye, (left and right) a magnified photos of the eye, as the sample above. (not a photo of the side of the head with eye on it.) It is preferable to take the pictures with a camera as mobile phones do not usually allow sufficient magnification. Take them inside the stable or building as outside usually shows too much reflection. Using a small torch or phone light, at the eye is better than using the flash. It is advisable to not use the flash.


Online iridology is particularly useful if you are having issues that have not been resolved using other methods. If your horse is off colour for no outwardly explainable reason. There are many temperament, behavioural, performance or health issues that the eye may give indicators to a qualified iridologist, who will give you a reading, an analysis of what they observe.

Please allow 3- 6 days to get results. Also please put your name and your horses name on the paypal/card payment and the relevent email address/ title.

Online eye assessment

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